Customizable Templates

 Customizable Templates bridge the gap between our New Look templates which are sold on an as-is basis with a full Custom Design website.  With a customizable template you get the option to use the template as is or we can customize the following options for you?

  • Color Palette:  We will alter the color palette to suite your taste.  All you need to do is provide the Primary and secondary colors you would like to use and we will make the changes for you.
  • Destination or Specialization icon/links:  Each of the Customizable Templates includes either a Featured Destinations block or a Specializations block to direct visitors to the areas that you specialize in or prefer to sell.  This section can be linked to your destinations or specializations as needed.
  • Customizable Page Text:  We will add your own Page Title and Text to the following pages:  Homepage, About Us, Cruises, Tours, Resorts, and hot deals.
  • Logo and image integration:  If you have a logo we will integrate the logo onto the site for you.  If you have images that you want displayed in the slide show we will format and use your images! (This excludes images used in scrolling promotions).

Customizable Templates start at $899.00 with the customizations mentioned above.  Further customizations will require additional fees.  Mixing features from one template to another may be possible at additional fees.

(Customizable Templates are also available on an As-Is basis for $449.00)

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